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We've divided the industrial section into two sections :

Motive Power : batteries suitable for cyclic applications such as electric vehicles, material handling (fork trucks), industrial cleaning equipment etc.

Batteries are available as 2 volt cells for 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt batteries or as 6, 8 and 12 volt monoblocs using flat plate or tubular plate technology.

ATSA : flooded lead acid 2V cells and monoblocs

Sonnenschein : gel monoblocs

Trojan : flooded lead acid and gel monoblocs

TB : refurbished flooded lead acid 2V cells

Varta : flooded lead acid and gel monoblocs

Standby Power : batteries suitable for telecom, power generation and distribution, switching and signalling, emergency power supply, data-systems, UPS, alarms - fire and security, emergency-lighting, engine starting, solar applications etc.

Batteries are available in 3 technologies depending on the application.

Vrla (valve regulated lead acid) cells / monoblocs with agm or gel electrolyte.

Classic low maintenance vented lead acid batteries with liquid electrolyte.

Nickel-cadium (NiCd) vented cells with liquid electrolyte, fibre or pocket plate.

Emisa : NiCd - pocket plate

Friwo : NiCd - fibre plate

Fulmen : Pb - vrla (agm) and classic

GNB : Pb - vrla (agm) and classic

Sonnenschein : Pb - vrla (agm and gel)

Yuasa : Pb - vrla (agm)

We can also offer an installation service, maintenance contracts, disposal of old batteries and chargers suitable for motive and standby applications.

For any enquires either ring or fax us on the numbers below or send us an email.

Anglia Battery Services
Unit 24 Stevenage Enterprise Centre
Orchard Road


Tel (01438) 352 471 Fax (01438) 368 828

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